the symbolic camera

the camera was constructed to capture the person i was at the time of creation, with my hopes and intentions for the film shown through its form. 

hence the shape it takes. i made a double lens reflex because i love photographing in film format. the 'yaishica' has been deliberately misspelt as a play on 'aish - yashica' (...)

i chose to place the image of christ's burial because it is deeply symbolic of burden, but, ultimately, also of continuation. i was worried about doing justice to the voice of alex and ameera, and with the image of my mother's continuous strength in mind, this picture seemed fitting. (she is also a practising muslim, so this was amusing to me)

through the viewfinder, you can see a picture of a neon sign that reads 'peep show'. this was the most important part for me, as i wanted the audience to feel as if they were peeping into an intimate conversation between girls about the trials and tribulations of carrying an ethnic identity. 

obviously, things turned out a bit differently in the end, but i still look back to this camera and feel like it's me. it's my favourite colour, and has my own photography inside that shows my provocative character.

photos - aisha al-abdallah

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